Baking with Amy

Baking up Magic on FOX10 Elevate the Cake / Crème Brûlée base recipe #12

 Samy and I  had a great time on Sunday's episode of FOX10 AZAM with Anita Roman and Ty Brennan.       We spoke about  my new Cook Book "Baking with Amy" where I  introduce you to 20 Base Recipes that can be Elevated and Morphed into thousands of different desserts.  The sky is the limit!  Let your imagination take you on a delicious Culinary Adventure. Base Recipe #12 Crème Brûlée Crème Brûlée  is perfect all on its own with fresh berries after being dusted with vanilla-bean sugar and then slightly torched with fire using a small handheld blowtorch to create a...

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